Report of CST meeting 3 Nov 2016

Update on actions from last meeting


0926_1 TH circulated a report of the previous meeting to all Coronation Square traders PG will publish meeting reports on and inform traders
0926_2 CW visited all traders to stress the benefit of the attending the forum CW will talk to traders before next meeting
0926_3 AM gave BM’s apologies and said he represented BM PG will send meeting reminder  and link to reports
0926_4 WF & SW, local councillors, attended meeting PG will invite CC in addition next meeting
0926_5 PG circulated AC email re PSPO None
0926_6 LG invited police but no representative was available PG will continue to invite


Meeting Summary

CW read out a suggested charter for meeting etiquette before the meeting. All agreed to subscribe to the charter at this meeting and in future. A copy of the charter is below
Another useful discussion was held, which focused particularly on security concerns.

New Actions

Report all instances of anti-social behaviour as police presence is based on the number of reports received – ALL
Investigate improving planters for the square – TH
Report pavement problems via website – ALL
Investigate lighting issues on Square – LG
Feedback to BM that traders considered new takeaway food shops, particularly a new kebab shop on square to be detrimental – PG
AM to represent CST at Hesters Way Youth & Community forum. WF/SW to ensure AM is invited – WF/SW
Begin planning community celebration for Summer 2017 – TH
Organise Christmas Market – AM
Encourage other CS traders to support Christmas Market – in particular by putting up Christmas lights – TH
Investigate Shop Watch scheme for Square – CW

Key to Abbreviations Used In Report

AC – Alex Chalk, Cheltenham MP
AM – Andy Miller, Market Manager, Coronation Square Market
BM – Bob Marsden, Director of Coronation One Ltd, Coronation Square development company
CC – Chris Coleman, CBC Councillor, St Marks
CW – Chris Watts, Business Connector, BITC
LG – Lizzie George, Director, Create on the Square
PG – Pete George, Director, Create on the Square
SW- Suzanne Williams, CBC Councillor, Springbank
TH – Tanya Harrison, Project Coordinator, Create on the Square
WF – Wendy Flynn, CBC Councillor, Hesters Way