Report of CST Meeting 26 Sep 2016

Update on actions from last meeting

None – first meeting
Meeting Summary

Chris Watts, BITC, facilitated a productive discussion. The participants highlighted a number of concerns, and a great number of positives about doing business on Coronation Square.
Cheltenham MP, Alex Chalk, informed the group that Cheltenham Borough Council is proposing to adopt a Public Spaces Protection Order (“PSPO”), which is designed to prevent individuals or groups committing anti-social behaviour in a public space. It was hoped that this might help with some of the problems with anti-social behaviour on the Square.
Market Manager, Andy Miller suggested that the Coronation Square businesses could quickly improve the appearance of the Square with some hanging baskets and restoring the planters. Various options on how to do this were discussed and the group agreed to actively explore this further.
Andy Hayes, from the Hesters Way Partnership, provided some clarity regarding the progress of the West Cheltenham Neighbourhood Development Plan and the status of youth work in the area.
The group agreed to meet on a monthly basis and to encourage other Coronation Square businesses to work together to improve the area.
New Actions
Circulate a report of the meeting to all Coronation Square traders – TH
Visit all traders face-to-face to stress the benefit of the attending the meeting – CW
Invite BM to future meetings – PG
Invite local councillors to future meetings – TH
AC email re PSPO circulated to attendees – AC/PG

Key to Abbreviations Used In Report

AC – Alex Chalk, Cheltenham MP
BM – Bob Marsden, Director of Coronation One Ltd, Coronation Square development company
CW – Chris Watts, Business Connector, BITC
PG – Pete George, Director, Create on the Square
TH – Tanya Harrison, Project Coordinator, Create on the Square