Report of CST meeting 26 Jan 2017

Update on actions from last meeting


0926_2 CW  CW to look at strategy to encourage more traders to join meeting.

Poor attendance by traders at January’s meeting

0926_2 PG  PG pass on BM email to traders

Good to see BM at January’s meeting. Managing agent to attend next meeting

1103_1 ALL  CW to discuss with traders – perhaps keeping a log.

KD – get report from PSPO re CS incidents

 CW to keep pressing traders for log
1103_2 TH  Planters
1103_6 WF/SW
AM to represent CST at Hesters Way Youth & Community forum. WF/SW to ensure AM is invited.
 AM to give feedback  AM still to report back
1103_7 TH
Begin planning community celebration for Summer 2017
 CW suggested interim celebration   CW talk to Greggs about catering contribution
1103_10 CW
Investigate Shop Watch scheme for Square
 CW to follow up  CW to follow up

Meeting Summary

The main discussion focused on the planters. BM added more information about long term plans to move car park. Decided in short term to keep planters and encourage school to adopt care of planters.

New Actions

  • CW to ask traders to log incidents of ASB,
    Licensing to confirm how far along PSPO.
  • CW & JP glouc highways report problem, get ref log, scope CS for problems
    AM report from actions of last meeting.
  • TH plan celebration inclusive Helen Down communities team.
  • CW shop watch scheme store net per trader costs.
  • Open actions from last meeting, LG to get open actions report.
  • TH to survey residents what they want from Saturday market, send list to BM.
  • BM 8 units under offer with solicitors at present BHF 4, pizza hut 1, hotcha Chinese delivery 2, Tommy opening.
  • TH decorate eggs/ bunnies for Cheltenham.
  • TH to speak with Nicky Nolan Aston.
  • LG primary & secondary schools to partner adopt all 4 for year one each.
  • LG research mosaic.
  • LG research street art speak with art festival.
  • TH tesco bag project application.
  • Next Agenda, community engagement event to make forum to lead summer celebration raise profile of attend St Marks spring event CS, support Tanya.
  • PG to send out date of next meeting 23/02/2017

Key to Abbreviations Used In Report

AM – Andy Miller, Market Manager, Coronation Square Market
BM – Bob Marsden, Director of Coronation One Ltd, Coronation Square development company
CC – Chris Coleman, Councillor, St Marks
CW – Chris Watts, Business Connector, BITC
DW – Dave Watson, Director, Cheltenham Science Group
JP – Janice Peacey, Community Ranger, CBC
LG – Lizzie George, Director, Create on the Square
KD – Kevin Devaney, CEO, Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project
PG – Pete George, Director, Create on the Square
SW- Suzanne Williams, Councillor, Springbank
TH – Tanya Harrison, Project Coordinator, Create on the Square
WF – Wendy Flynn, Councillor, Hesters Way