Report of CST meeting 20 Jun 2017


  • People drinking in the street: using communal benches to do this and throwing rubbish in the planters
  • No CCTV on the square
  • Drugs are present in the square which is a particular issue with so many children around
  • Shoplifting: don’t feel this is being dealt with quick enough
  • New business/retail park being built near: people may avoid coronation square in favour of this
  • Public toilets: an eye sore and not being used for anything


Suggested solutions:

  • Better communication between local police and businesses in the area
  • Day Safe Scheme: helps business owners share information about shoplifters. Reduced price of £50 for business in this area. Get a weekly letter which includes mugshots of known shoplifters, shoplifting methods to look out for, phone app to get live info and communicate between businesses about any issues.
  • ‘No Drinking’ signs may help to prevent street drinkers
  • CCTV: 360 cameras if they are moving will deter criminals. ‘CCTV operates here’ stickers in windows. CCTV images in windows to show criminals the camera quality. Higher quality and well located cameras can mean the police can catch the shoplifter quicker.
  • Council wants to improve their support in community events to promote the area
  • Better public transport to make areas out of town more accessible
  • Better bins or coloured recycling bins to help stop littering
  • Cheltenham marketing shouldn’t just focus on town centre but also smaller areas
  • Free parking on a Saturday is something that may encourage more people to come to markets and events
  • A representative from Coronation Square to sit at council meetings will ensure we are not forgotten about and will get our opinions heard
  • Write summary of problems, distribute to traders and send to council