Report of CST meeting 15 Dec 2016

Update on actions from last meeting

0926_1 PG
Circulate a report of the meeting to all Coronation Square traders
PG published meeting reports to: and sent out link to Traders online and via hard copy flyer Closed
0926_2 CW
Visit all traders face-to-face to stress the benefit of the attending the meeting
TH distributed invitation to meeting to all CS traders CW to look at strategy to encourage more traders to join meeting
0926_3 PG
Invite BM to future meetings
PG sent meeting reminder to BM and link to reports
Apologies received from BM
PG pass on BM email to traders
0926_4 PG
Invite local councillors to future meetings
PG sent invite to this meeting to WF, SW & CC Councillors on invite list. Closed
0926_6 PG
Invite police to future meetings
PG sent invite to Police
Apologies received from Sergeant Nolan
Police on invite list. Closed
1103_1 ALL
Report all instances of anti-social behaviour as police presence is based on the number of reports received.
CW to discuss with traders – perhaps keeping a log

KD – get report from PSPO re CS incidents

1103_2 TH
Investigate improving planters for the square
TH talked to local park ranger, who said planters had been responsibility of CS businesses. TH follow up strategies to improve planters
1103_3 ALL
Report pavement problems via
CW – follow up and pass on to traders
1103_4 LG
Investigate lighting issues on Square
LG got JLL to turn on lights on Square frontage Closed
1103_5 PG
Feedback to BM that traders considered new takeaway food shops, particularly a new kebab shop on square to be detrimental
PG reported CST feedback to BM about new takeaways. Closed
1103_6 WF/SW
AM to represent CST at Hesters Way Youth & Community forum. WF/SW to ensure AM is invited.
AM was invited AM to give feedback
1103_7 TH
Begin planning community celebration for Summer 2017
TH has started conversations with local community groups, including CBH, about a Summer 2017 celebration TH ongoing
1103_8 AM
Organise Christmas Market
AM organised a Christmas Market on 9 Dec Closed
1103_9 TH
Encourage other CS traders to support Christmas Market – in particular by putting up Christmas lights
TH encouraged other traders to support Christmas Market. Iceland and Farm Foods donated food.  Forum thanks to Tanya for organizing it at short notice
1103_10 CW
Investigate Shop Watch scheme for Square
No progress CW to follow up


Meeting Summary
Discussed previous actions and focused on improving the planters on the front of Coronation Square, as part of a wider campaign to improve the look of the Square

New Actions
DW to pass on analysis of attendance figures at Science Exhibition before next meeting
AM to source fir (Christmas) trees to fill planters
LG to contact local schools about project to improve look of Square
KD to get details of funding from Community Pride
TH to ask JP to project manage filling planters
AM start craft & flea market every Saturday starting about end Jan
PG to send out date of next meeting 26/01/16 5-6pm
Key to Abbreviations Used In Report

AM – Andy Miller, Market Manager, Coronation Square Market
BM – Bob Marsden, Director of Coronation One Ltd, Coronation Square development company
CC – Chris Coleman, Councillor, St Marks
CW – Chris Watts, Business Connector, BITC
JP – Janice Peacey, Community Ranger, CBC
LG – Lizzie George, Director, Create on the Square
PG – Pete George, Director, Create on the Square
SW- Suzanne Williams, Councillor, Springbank
TH – Tanya Harrison, Project Coordinator, Create on the Square
WF – Wendy Flynn, Councillor, Hesters Way