CST Actions 2017

Actions Outstanding

200617-1 Megan Prendergast to distribute Day Safe Scheme information to local traders Open
200617-2 Pete George to write summary of problems for council and distribute to traders Open

Actions Completed

260117-1 Chris Watts to ask CS traders to log incidents of anti-social behaviour Closed
260117-2 Chris Watts arrange with Glouc highways to report problem, get ref log, scope CS for problems Closed
260117-3 Tanya Harrison to plan summer celebration – inclusive Helen Down communities team. Tanya will now support HWCF big lunch celebration on 24 June
260117-4 Chris Watts to investigate shop watch scheme store net per trader costs Closed
260117-5 Lizzie George to get report on actions from last meeting 2016 actions closed
260117-6 Tanya HarrisonĀ to survey residents what they want from Saturday market Completed
260117-7 Lizzie George to arrange for local schools to adopt CS planters Planters adopted by Pates, GlosCol, Cheltenham Science Centre
260117-8 Lizzie George to research street art Christian Arts Festival ran graffiti workshop on CS in May
270317-1 Pete George to invite police representative to next CST meeting Completed